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SHOULD died on August 5, 2005.

No ceremony. No last rites. Nothing except a peaceful letting go as it slipped out under the crack below the backyard door past the garden and the Lady Banks yellow roses over the block fence and into the parking lot on the other side.

The reflection staring back at me in the mirror as I stepped out of the shower seemed as foreign as a fun mirror, the kind that warps your face and body into unrecognizable shapes.

Like any normal person, I look in the mirror every day, multiple times. Last week I…

Photo by Matthew Henry

There is no space between knowing and not knowing. No purgatory, no suspended moment of truth.

There is only before and after.

A moment between would offer solace, comfort, a time to take a breath, but that moment would be a false reality.

Reality is made up of the seconds…

Man doing expert yoga pose
Photo by Amy Goalen

Guys, this one’s for you…

If I told you I know the secret of how you can lose 25 pounds without going to the gym or giving up carbs, chill out more than cracking open a beer and oh, yeah, maybe even meet your future wife, would I have your…

The patchwork quilt of humanity stretched as far as the eye could see, an ocean of cowboy boots, camo, tattoos, tie-dye, overalls, rhinestone jeans, biker graphics, bare feet, skin-tight yoga pants, oversize sweaters, sports bras, sundresses, plaid shirts, flip flops, all black. …

Jen Baker

Don’t find your passion. Create it. Mom to many creatures + 2 awesome humans. I love to dig in the dirt, take pics, write, dance (and maybe cook) in my kitchen.

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